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April 07, 2021 6 min read

"The Beagle is a popular breed of dog for many reasons. They're known to be very friendly and good-natured, but they also have so many hidden talents! You may not know that Beagles are excellent hunters and trackers. They've been used in hunting since the late 1800s when they were bred by Englishmen with an eye for foxes, rabbits, and other small animals. But these dogs can do more than just hunt! In this post we'll show you 7 hidden tricks that most people don't know about!"

1. Beagles are born with their eyes closed 

Beagles are born with their eyes closed. It’s not often that you see a beagle puppy with open, or even alert eyes. What is the reason for this? Well, when dogs are first born they have a thin layer of skin covering and protecting their eyes so it can easily develop in the womb to protect them from infections. Once they come out of the womb, this protective film will naturally fall off as they go through life and grow up until it becomes unnecessary.

Beagles are born with their eyes closed! This means that beagle parents need to take extra precautions when bringing them into new territory, as they can't keep a lookout for potential dangers.

Beagles are the cutest pups ever because they're so tiny and have these adorable floppy ears-but did you know what else makes them special? They start out life blind! That's right: Beagles don't open up those puppy peepers until around four weeks old or even later in some cases (or if there is an injury).  So how do we figure this one out? Well it turns out scientists use something called electroretinography which measures electrical responses of neurons at the back of your eye to light stimulus.

2. Beagles have a sense of smell that is up to 100 times more powerful than humans 

Beagles have a sense of smell that is up to 100x more powerful than humans!

What would you say if I told you Beagle's noses can sniff out smells as much as an order of magnitude better than ours? That means they're able to decipher the scent in just one part per trillion, or 1/1000000th. So even when food has lost its odor altogether and human eyesight fails us, we know our fuzzy friends will be on it before long with their amazing nose-power.

Have you ever seen a beagle's nose? The answer is no, because the world would've ended long ago if we had. Beagles have an incredible sense of smell that can detect things like bombs and drugs from miles away! If there was one superpower I could choose to bestow on someone it would definitely not involve hearing or sight; instead, it'd involved any kind of heightened scent abilities. There are few cents more heavenly than those emanating off freshly-baked breads in my opinion - but even then they're often overpowered by other smells such as pet odours (yikes!)

3. Beagles can see in color, but they are not as good at seeing objects close-up 

Beagles can see in color, but they are not as good at seeing objects close-up. Beagle's eyesight is far from perfect and that means if a human tries to pet them on the head or under their chin; it might seem like the beagle isn't paying attention because he may have just zoned out of what was happening. Beagles can see in colors, although they're not great with up-close tasks such as patting him on his head or stroking behind his ears - this could make you think your dog doesn’t care when really all he needs is some distance!

Beagles are known to be fantastic at seeing things that most other animals can't. Beagle's eyes have a way of getting into really tight spots and finding clues - the perfect job for an animal who likes digging through dirt! They're even great with seeing in color, but not as good when it comes to spotting objects close up.

4. Beagles can hear sounds from about six miles away and even underground! 

Beagles, with their canine ears and snouts that can go underground to listen for those juicy ground critters - well they have a superpower of hearing! Beagle's hear sounds from about six miles away. Meaning next time you're out in the woods hunting your prey be sure not to run off too far lest ye want them running back home on your tail without even trying. Beagles are known as one tough predator who will hunt down any little creature it comes across; rodents, fish or anything else small enough is fair game once spotted by these hounds-of-hell (and often heard before seen).

Beagles are known for being one of the most intelligent dog breeds, and they have some interesting abilities. They can hear sounds from about six miles away and even underground! Have you heard that beagles are used to search by sniffing? Beagles are a popular breed among many pet owners because they're so lovable, friendly, good-natured... as well as very smart too. It's no wonder why these dogs get called "the smiling face" of America on account their happy demeanor is just contagious! Beagle noses also happen to work like radar detectors which help them find small animals hidden in brush or deep underground.

5. Why is a Beagle’s nose wet?

Beagles are known for their wet, black noses. So what is the reason? The answer may be in how they process scent particles that could lead to a longer life expectancy and better health. Beagle's have more than 2 times as many olfactory receptors in their nose which allows them to pick up even the slightest changes of odor molecules from food or other things around it unlike any other dog breeds because this means that there will always be an available source of information about its surroundings so you can rest assured your pet knows when something doesn't smell right!

A beagle's nose is wet because of the way they smell. Beagles have a heightened sense of smell due to their dense hair that covers most parts on their body, like in between toes and behind ears which are moist from constantly licking them. The dog needs its nasal cavities for sniffing out prey so it has an open pore at the end where you can see mucus secrete after each time he smells something new or interesting (like when your mom rubs beef broths into his food). This also explains why we get snoopy whiffs whenever this pup is around!

6. The average weight for a beagle is between 18 and 28 pounds (8-13 kg) 

The average weight for a beagle is between 18 and 28 pounds (8-13 kg)

The Beagle, also known as the English Toy Hound, has an average weight of anywhere from 18 to 40 lbs. The dog's size can vary quite wildly depending on gender - males are usually heavier than females. 

While in England this breed was considered primarily used by packs of hunters or gamekeepers due to its small stature; however that reputation changed when it became popular with American families who enjoyed taking them hunting themselves!

7. There are over 60 different breeds of dogs that come from the same breed group as beagles!

There are over 60 different breeds of dog that come from the same breed group as beagles! Did you know there was more than one type?

There is a whole lot of difference between your average poodle and an Australian Shepherd. The first thing most people probably notice when looking at these two dogs would be their size: Poodles usually stand about 10 inches tall, while Aussies tend to find themselves closer to 18-24 inches in height. Of course, this isn't all too surprising considering it's not uncommon for your everyday mouse or duck sized canine friend to weigh less than 15 pounds whereas some stately Mastiffs can easily tip the scales near 140 lbs., but still never underestimate just how big they really grow if left unchecked

Jan Helge Mathisen
Jan Helge Mathisen

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