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June 03, 2020 3 min read


Beagles are small hound breeds, very much similar to the foxhounds. The average size of an adult Beagle ranges from 10-15 inches and weighs about 20-25 pounds. They have a fantastic sense of smell with excellent tracking instincts. Predominantly used in hunting in the past, Beagles are now versatile and are great as house pets and for therapy treatments. Many prefer the Beagles because of their small size, intellect, friendly nature, and since they have no history of any genetic health disorders. 


Fun Facts About Beagle 


  1. Dates back a thousand years – Beagle is an old breed. Although the origin is unknown, modern-day Beagles were standard in the Roman Empire and maybe even before that. 
  2. Popular in the US – The Americans love the Beagles so much that this breed of dogs is the fifth most popular one in the US. President Lyndon Johnson was the proud owner of two Beagles, whom he named Him and Her. The dogs were with him in the white house throughout his presidency. 
  3. Purebreds have white-edged tails – How do you identify if a Beagle is purebred or a mix? Just check the tail. If it is purebred, then its tail will mostly be white, or you will notice a few white hairs at its tip. If not, then your Beagle is a mix.
  4. Sniffer Dogs – The Department of Homeland Security, US owns and trains Beagles to sniff out baggage at airports to identify smuggled goods. 
  5. Beagles for Beagling Primarily bred to hunt hares, a fun pastime known as beagling, they will hunt rabbits, deer, fox coyotes, wild boars, and stoats.
  6. Known as “Pocket” Beagles – The height of the earlier breed of Beagles were only 8-9 inches. They were so small that they could fit in your pockets easily. Queen Elizabeth I had her very own collection of pocket Beagles. Later, they bred into present-day larger hunting dogs.
  7. Also known as "Loudmouth" – The Beagles are very vocal when it comes to barking, howling, and baying. The name itself has a French origin, where “bee-gueule” means “wide throat.” 
  8. Remember the cartoon character Snoopy? – Yes, the very same character silent character that delivers inner monologues from the “Peanuts”! Well, what do you know! Snoopy is indeed a Beagle. 


Bringing A Beagle Home

Fascinated by all the facts? Are you planning on getting a Beagle? If yes, congratulations! They are simply fantastic, and you will love them for sure. However, remember the following words of advice before making up your mind.  


  • They hate spending time alone – Beagles love human company. Hence, if they are left alone for long hours, then they tend to show destructive behavior. Therefore, never leave your Beagle unattended for long, especially if it hasn’t been exercised. 
  • Do not rely on a Beagle to be your guard dog – Beagles are a friendly breed. Hence, leaving your house to your Beagle for it to guard is a bad idea, as they appreciate a friendly gesture even from a total stranger.
  • Beagles wander off – Beagles are resolute and inquisitive. You will see them stray their path as soon as they get a scent of something interesting. 
  • Beagles are not suited for apartments – It is established that Beagles are very vocal. Hence, they might not be the best choice for staying in an apartment, especially with neighbors who are sensitive to sound. 

That being said, you will love your Beagle to the core. Pocket-size or not, you are sure to carry it everywhere and give it a special place in your heart and home. 


Jan Helge Mathisen
Jan Helge Mathisen

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