Are Beagles Dogs Smart?

July 03, 2020 6 min read

The beagle breed are smart dogs and are underestimated in terms of their astuteness, but they have great abilities and are highly intelligent, they are very inquisitive and very eager to learn new things. Beagles are great to work with if you properly study their activities. When you walk hand in hand with the beagle, they prove to be excellent problem solvers. They are single-minded dogs, which mean that they can be difficult to recall when they have followed a scent trail as they are easily distracted by the smell around.




How intelligent are beagles?

Beagles are scent hounds, they are bred to track and follow a scent, and they are very good for what they are trained for. One can depend on them to follow a scent trail through even the most difficult places, and they can do this for an extremely long time, running into hours. Sometimes, you may observe on rare occasions that beagles are difficult to train because they are usually focused on whatever scent trail that draws their attention and they can follow their instincts without listening to their owner. If you want a dog that is independent and isn’t keen on following others and can happily move here and there on a leash, then the beagle is your choice.

The beagle is intelligent enough to understand and perform the numerous commands given by his owner. The beagle is known for his curiosity and social skills. It should be known that the intelligence is not particularly compared to other dog breeds; it is observable that due to the intelligence of the beagle, they are often used for hunting. In research, it was determined that beagles are one of the highly intelligent dog breeds.


Can beagles be easy to train?

Even though beagles are smart dogs, it is known that a lot of patience is required in house-training a beagle, but on the other hand, once you put your foot to the pedal, you would see that training your beagle would be smooth sailing. Beagle breeds are often keen learners, they can learn a lot of things that humans want them to, and if you work closely with them, you would be surprised at their problem-solving abilities.

Beagles have been known to have a quite friendly and playful character. If you really try to make them focus you would discover that they are one of the brightest dog species, when they put their minds to learn, they really do grasp very fast, so with a consistent training you would find that you can rely on them and they can follow your instructions without letting you down.

The following are ways to assist your beagle to gain to the fullest its capacity and ability:

1. You can take your beagle to a quiet place with no distractions because beagles are quick to be distracted with things in their surrounding.

2. Be very friendly and playful to you beagle and avoid being too firm and harsh except when called for.

3. Make sure you call your dog by its given name while training, so he can always know whenever he is called upon. There have been instances where beagles were seen doing domestic work, such as laundry and other regular chores. The beagle has been popularly known to be used as a detection dog, to detecting prohibited agricultural imports and foodstuffs. Beagles are very popular dogs because of his unique qualities, and its popularity has to extend to films. Televisions and comics.

How fast can a beagle learn?

We do know that a beagle dog has cognitive abilities amongst its several inbuilt assets, the question however is, how fast are its learning abilities? We do know that once a puppy is bought, training begins immediately and if you have purchased an older beagle, you do not have a lot of time to train it through the required duration of training time since its life span is counting down. The question of time then comes into play, and you know for all the right reasons that your beagle needs to start picking up commands before you show him off to the world as an intelligent pet.

The beagle dog can communicate perfectly with humans, and we can verify that this breed can learn hundreds of words in a matter of months; a typical beagle can be able to learn as much as hundred to two hundred words, if not more, that is to show its high level of smartness. It has been proven time and again that beagles can be able to understand the human feelings and emotions and they can be able to know immediately when one is sad and when one is happy.

When training a dog, he must be smart first of all so that when he is learning, he can be able to grasp your teaching routine on his own. If you are curious to know if your beagle is up to the right intelligence level expected of a beagle dog, there are ways to find out. A lot of recent studies have been conducted on beagle dog’s intelligence through the use of computers to show his learning capacities, but for an individual intelligence home test of your beagle, you can use the following:

  1. Towel trap – in this test, you will throw a towel on your beagle to see how he can be able to break lose quickly from the trap, an intelligent dog can be able to break away from this trap in about 15 seconds, so with this you can observe you beagle’s smartness if he’s able to make it on time.

2. Magic cup trick – in this experiment, you can use three cups. You will put a dog treat inside one of these cups and turn the cups upside down while the dog is watching. Take your beagle into another room for a while and then return back to where you originally put the cups, and then you can encourage your beagle to get the treat from the cup, determine if he was able to get the treat from the particular cup. It is important to note that as humans are more intelligent than other humans, some beagles are equally more intelligent than other beagles.

3. There are instances where a beagle can be able to navigate his way back home when he wanders off, or another beagle of the same intelligence may be able to understand why you put a fence in your yard to prevent escape. So eventually, it is obvious that beagles use their intelligence in different ways.

Tips for taking your dog camping with you –

Many dog owners try to get the best of dog pets that can provide great assistance in their lives, it has been proven that beagles are used by physically challenged individuals for assistance, just like when a dog owner who may have sight problems would rely on his beagle for assistance in moving around, and you see that in many parts of the united states beagles are used as service dogs. A dog cannot be used as a service dog if it does not have a certain degree of smartness in it. The beagle dog makes for a great service dog for its sharp sense of smell, intelligence, and activeness.

Also, beagles can be used for entertainment, for instance, circus activities and other forms of amusements, making its popularity boundless due to its level of smartness. You can see beagles at dog shows where they perform some spectacular acts, and it requires a smart dog to hold a live performance. I even take mine camping with me.

Happy beagle owners have expressed their happiness after purchasing their beagle dogs through various social media and their experience sure seems to endorse of the fact that the beagle’s intelligence is a great asset.

These beagle dog owners admit that the reason why they opt for a beagle breed is that they notice how intelligent they are before purchasing and taking them home, for instance, a dog owner said that the first thing he noticed when choosing out of a list of dogs and particularly ending up with the choice of a beagle was for its comprehensive intelligence and he has never regretted his choice. During the first month, the beagle was able to understand some of the words spoken to him.

Many still believe that controlling your beagle should not be very difficult because they would understand what you want them to do or not to do, for example, a beagle owner admitted that she was taking her beagle for a dog walk and noticed how the beagle was jumping in and out of mud, which she found very unpleasant, but while coming back down the same road, she told the beagle to stay away from the mud, and when the beagle noticed the disapproval of its owner towards bathing in the mud, it simply followed instruction and avoided the mud path.

These and many instances of how the beagle dog has great cognitive abilities have often been publicly shared as what seems like a testimonial statement or just a feeling of satisfaction at the dog owner’s choice of owning a beagle dog.


Jan Helge Mathisen
Jan Helge Mathisen

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