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September 26, 2020 4 min read

How long do Beagles live?

Being a small breed, Beagles enjoy a long lifespan and when they are well cared for they can live anything from 12 to 15+ years. With this said, Beagles are known to like their food a little too much and are always at risk of carrying too much weight. Obesity can shorten a Beagles life by several years because when they carry too many pounds, it puts a lot of pressure on a dog’s heart, other internal organs and their joints. It’s very important to keep a close eye on a Beagle’s weight and to up their exercise and/or reduce the amount of food they are fed every day. Treats should be kept to a minimum and only given occasionally.

Are Beagles very noisy?

Beagles are not known to be “yappy”, but when needed they will voice an opinion. With this said, like any other breed, if a Beagle is left to their own devices for long periods of time, they could well start barking incessantly to get attention and to let everyone know how unhappy they are about the situation. Beagles are also known to howl and some will do so when the mood takes them.

Do Beagles need lots of daily exercise?

Beagles like being out and about, they should be given anything from 30 to 40 minutes exercise a day and more if possible. Because they are very fond of their food, it’s important that Beagles are not allowed to turn into couch potatoes which could see them plough on the pounds. Carrying too much weight can shorten a Beagles life considerably.

Do Beagles take a long time to mature?

The majority of Beagles reach full maturity when they are around 18 months old which is when they reach their full size which is anything from 33cm to 41cm at the wither. A healthy Beagle can weigh between 9 kg to 11 kg, with females typically being slightly lighter than their male counterparts. Beagles that are smaller than 33cm are often a lot less healthy than larger dogs which is always something to bear in mind.

What coat colours do Beagles have?

A Beagle’s coat is white with the second colour being tan, but there are many other combinations too which are detailed below:

  • Badger Pied
  • Badger Pied Mottle
  • Black & White
  • Black & White Mottle
  • Blue White & Tan
  • Blue White & Tan Mottle
  • Hare Pied
  • Hare Pied Mottle
  • Lemon & White
  • Lemon & White Mottle
  • Lemon Pied
  • Lemon Pied Mottle
  • Red & White
  • Red & White Mottle
  • Tan & White
  • Tan & White Mottle
  • Tricolour
  • Tricolour Mottle
  • White

Do Beagles suffer from many health issues?

Beagles are generally healthy dogs, but like many other pure breeds they do suffer from their share of hereditary and acquired health issues which are detailed below:

  • Steroid Responsive Meningitis (SRM) also known as Beagle Pain Syndrome or Stiff Beagle Disease
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Canine Epilepsi
  • Musladin-Leuke Syndrome (MLS) – also known as Chinese Beagle Syndrome
  • NCCD
  • Factor VII & IGS
  • Cherry Eye
  • Reverse Sneezing


Do Beagles have a “doggy smell”?

Beagles do tend to have a “doggy smell” about them because they excrete an odour from their anal glands and fur follicles. Experts have identified that it is a dog’s chemical identity and that it is strong in the breed thanks to the fact that Beagles needed to identify other Beagles in their pack when they were out hunting.

Do Beagles make good family pets?

Beagles are renowned for being wonderful family pets because they get on so well with children and love noting more than playing interactive games with them. Beagles are highly intelligent, inquisitive and fun-loving by nature which is why they have remained one of the most popular breeds whether they are kept as companions or in a family environment.

Do Beagles need lots of baths?

Like other breeds, Beagles should not be bathed too frequently because it could end up drying out their skin causing problems. As a rule of thumb, you should bath a Beagle twice a year or when they really need to be washed if they have rolled in something “smelly” or when they get covered in mud. It’s essential to use a dog specific shampoo when bathing a Beagle too.

Is it easy to house train a Beagle?

Beagles are easy to house train with many breeders recommending that owners crate train their pets when they are introduced to their new homes. Experts think that all dogs are much happier when they are crate trained because they feel safer when they know they have somewhere they can retreat to when they want. It also makes house training a Beagle that much easier providing crates are kept clean.

Are Beagles with lemon coats rare?

Beagles with lemon and white coloured coats are not rare, they are another colour combination seen in the breed. It is worth noting that Beagles with lemon coloured coats have dark eye rims, lips and noses.

Is the cartoon dog “Snoopy” a Beagle?

Snoopy the cartoon dog that’s Charlie Brown's pet is a Beagle. There have many films and TV series depicting Snoopy which is an extremely popular story written by Charles M Schulz.

Does a Beagle’s coat change colour?

Virtually all beagle puppies are born with black and white coats. The brown parts only start appearing later with some coats taking anything up to 2 years to develop fully. With this said, some Beagle’s coats do change colour as they mature and does so gradually.

Jan Helge Mathisen
Jan Helge Mathisen

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