How Much Does a Beagle Dog Cost?

July 03, 2020 6 min read

If you come across a breed of dog so adorable that you aren’t just admiring its fine color, smooth coat, and cute, playful conduct, you’re wondering already how much the owner could have possibly paid for it, you’re not alone, I had these same thoughts at first sight of a neighbor’s beagle dog because it was so delightful to sight.



The beagle dog, with looks that totters between a small hound and the bigger fox hound, got me wondering in admiration how much it costs and so I looked up the cost online and was overwhelmed by a wide range of prices!

Some prices were extremely high while some were bafflingly low. How does one even know with these of prices out there, if you were paying the exact worth of your beagle or if you were paying unnecessarily more?

I figured out that the actual price may be dependent on different factors like its age (whether it is a puppy or an adult), its specific breed (which shoots up the price if by any chance its breed lines are extraordinary) and lineage (for instance if the parents of the dog has some unique show qualities).

Demand and supply which is both location-bound and season-bound also have a great impact on the price. Of course, this purchase cost stands aside from the other ongoing expenses that naturally come along with owning a pet such as, veterinary bills, feeding, etc.

Puppy price

Like I said earlier, the age or maturity of a dog determines the price, the average beagle puppy goes for a price range of $400 – $1000. This means that it is generally sold for around $537.50 on an average. However, due to special factors surrounding a particular beagle breed, its pricing may go all the way up to $1500 or higher.

Buying a beagle puppy gives more time for your little beagle to grow fond of its owner and most importantly, it gives you ample years to groom and train your dog from infancy which comes with its own advantages like having it grow into your exact expectations of it.

Adult price

The popular advice is that you should go for younger dogs. However, if you’ve made up your mind to go for an adult beagle, then the price would, of course, be lower as your beagle is almost retired. The price slash here could be all the way up to half the price of the range of the puppy as stated above. There are reasons why one would like to go for an adult beagle apart from cost, such as, cutting through the hassles of training – since you are purchasing a dog that has lived under a reputable trainer and already knows his commands.

Types of beagle dogs

In modern times, we only have one breed of a beagle. Back in history, there was another type of beagle dog called the pocket beagle which looked a little distinct from the usual beagle as its miniature body had legs that were shorter in length, they do not exceed 9 inches length from their shoulders, and their snouts were pointy. However, these types went into extinction due to genetic health factors like hip dysplasia and epilepsy. Now a beagle type can only be identified by its size: The 13-inch-tall beagle and the 15-inch tall beagle.

Where to find beagle dogs for sale

There are lots of animal shelters and rescues, mostly online to find a beagle dog for whichever purpose, whether purchase or adoption. These numerous organizations and online websites have a wide range of beagle dogs’ availability and go into details about each dog in their possession so as the give the interested public an idea of what exactly they are opting for.

For instance, we have organizations such as Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland Inc. at Waldorf, beagle, and buddies at Apple Valley CA, Wright-way Rescue at Morton Grove IL, etc. and websites such as, all these give you access to hundreds to thousands of available options of beagle dogs for both purchase and adoption.

Opting for beagle dog adoption?

Beagles can be adopted at various online pet shops for a lower price range of $300 – $550. Adoption is a good way of saving money while owning a dog that really needs to belong to a proper home. The joy and benefit are symbiotic, like that of adopting a child – you’ve just sheltered a pet that’s truly in need of care and love, and you equally have a cute little companion at home.

After you contact one of these websites with available dogs for adoption, e.g., dogspot, in,,,, and numerous others, you must have to take out time to go and check out whichever dog you pick interest in.

How much do rescued beagle dogs cost?

Did you even know that a beagle out of rescue has an impact in its price tag in the first place? I bet some didn’t, but well, there are an astounding number of homeless dogs out there waiting to belong to home and acquiring many of these dogs fall within the price range of zero – zero dollars.

Here’s something you may not know about the beagle; the beagle dog is the most commonly used dog for lab experiments? So this makes the breed in high demand for rescue, go ahead and call them endangered species if you want. The rescued dogs are kept at foster homes and taken care of until these non-profit organizations find a loving family that’s in need of one.

Beagle dogs for free?

Among all the options of cutting down on the purchase price of your beagle dog due to a factor or the other, it is not out of place to have no budget at all for your beagle dog, after all, they say, the best things in life are for free right? Well in this case, yes. A beagle dog can be gotten for absolutely free! After all the price of purchasing a beagle dog often has nothing to do with quality, whether it costs a fortune or is totally free.

Before you create an extra budget for buying that adorable beagle, it’s best you consider adopting a rescue beagle for free, you have a lot other ongoing expenses to bother about for as long as you own one, such as feeding and health care bills. Besides that, you have an upside of never having to look at your beloved pet as a commodity.

It is not to say that buying pets aren’t worth it, well, let’s just say that the free option is just another way of looking at things without burning your pockets. It is good to note that you must be financially fit to cater to your dog’s needs before going for a free dog, because one of the reasons why kennels charge a fee is that they consider it unlikely that someone who isn’t able to pay a few hundred dollars for purchase would be able to care for the dog in its lifetime, this shouldn’t be the case.

About shedding

Once in a while, the beagle dog sheds its coat. We describe it as ‘shedding its winter coats during springtime’ as this is exactly about the period it usually takes place.shedding is a natural occurrence that reduces the hassles of grooming your dog to just bathing it, brushing its furs (and brushing more often as it sheds, perhaps 2 – 3 times a week to help the shedding process) and cutting its nails, so we can gladly say that the beagle dog is quite a low maintenance breed for this singular reason.

Beagle dogs vs. the others

The beagle dog differs from other dogs and at the same time shares similarities with some others in both physical and behavioral aspects, but in all these, it is good to find out how they get along with other breeds socially and specifically for the purpose of cross-breeding.

In size, the beagle dog is considered medium when placed side by side with other dog breeds such as bulldogs, the English spaniel, and the American spaniel and so on. It shares physical similarities with the hound family as it is one of them, however, it comes in a distinct mixture of colors that makes it unique from both the hounds and many one-color dog breeds, such color combinations are lemon and white, orange and white or tricolor.

With a heightened scenting ability and apt obedience to scents and trail, as have most canines, it is categorized as a hunting pack dog which makes it occasionally used for hunting. However, its sweet temperament and friendliness is still a dominant trait that makes it more popularly a home and family dog as compared to other vicious breeds that are majorly used for security purposes.

The beagle dog has the behavioral qualities of sociability, curiosity and overall dog intelligence and these qualities would make you wonder what the cross breed of a beagle dog and the others are like.

Here are some well-known crossbreeds of the beagle dog: The Puggle; this is a combination of a Pug dog and a Beagle. The Jack-A-Bee is the crossbreed of the Jack Russel Terrier dog and the Beagle dog. The Borkie is yet another crossbreed of a Beagle dog and a Yorkshire Terrier dog, and lastly, the Beagleman is a crossbreed of the Beagle dog and a Doberman Pinscher.

Jan Helge Mathisen
Jan Helge Mathisen

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