How to Fix Beagle Dog Ears Health Issues

July 03, 2020 7 min read

The beagle dog is popularly known for its drooping ears which are referred to as a pendant. When you see a beagle it is easily recognizable as its ears drop all the way down its head, these ears are regarded as floppy. The ears are rounded with the front edge slightly turned its cheek downwards.

The ears are also soft and pliable, and the length could even get to the tip of the dog’s nose when you take them forward to the nose. There are several lengths of the beagle nose amongst the dogs with some having smaller than average ears, and this usually occurs when there are poor breeding practices.

There are some health infections that some time affects the beagle ears because of the nature of its shape and size. For instance, the way the drops

.3actually covers the air canal which limits or blocks out air flow, thereby making the ear moist and a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. So if you own a beagle, it is proper to clean the ear carefully. There are other ways to take care of the beagle dog’s ears, if you notice that the problem is compounding, it is best advised to see a vet. Proper cleaning should be done regularly, like 2- 3 weeks interval.

Hearing problems

As a result of the beagle’s shape and size of ears, it’s quite easy for it to develop some bacteria growth, so many 879.,problems can arise as a result of this but also there are other elements to consider as well, for instance, mites in your beagle can pose a really big problem.

Ear mites can be transmittable and spread from one dog or animal to another. These ear mites are tiny crab-like parasites that stick to your beagle’s ear canals but can also be found in anywhere else in the body, they can reproduce very quickly and if not tackled can be harmful to your dog. The way these mites work is that they burrow very deep into the ear canal, as they bite the skin and feed from the blood; this causes swellings and itchiness and as sores begin to develop, infections set in.

A beagle is prone to bacterial infection, yeast infection and also fungal based infection as these type of infections thrive in the dark and moist environment. There are also harmful incidents that could lead to an infection in your beagle’s ears, for instance, if a foreign object is stuck in its ear or when you clean your beagle’s ear too deep it can cause an infection to occur.

In all, when your dog gets an infection it can accumulate into hearing problems and give symptoms like swollen ears, itchiness, increase in ear wax and even ear discharge. When you detect these signs and symptoms of ear infections, an experienced vet should be contacted where a lighted otoscope tool is used to make the mite move out of the wax. After cleaning your dog’s ears by the vet, medication should be immediately applied.

There are also preventive measures you could take by thoroughly cleaning the ears after you bathe your dog and check for foreign matters inside your beagle’s ears.

Other sign and symptoms of ear infection on your beagle are shaking of the head, scratching using its front paws, bad odor from the dog and discharge – these are the most obvious sign of ear problem.

Swollen ear

The beagle dog can have a swollen ear as a sign of serious ear infection, one of these ear infections is called ear hematomas, these are swollen masses on the inside of the dog’s ear flap. When a beagle has ear mites it becomes uncomfortable, and it causes the dog to shake his head most times and also when he scratches constantly, it can cause the swollen masses to emerge.

It should be known that a serious mite infestation can completely block your dog’s ear canal with coffee-ground-like debris of mites surrounding the ear. To treat your dog, he may need a gentle ear cleaning and a visit to the vet where eardrops and other prescriptions are applied as these ear mites are contagious and so should be taken seriously and if there are more than one pets around, all the pets should be treated.

Surgery can be necessary to prevent a more serious case where the accumulation of blood occurs around the ears which can cause deformity.

Crusty skin

There are many reasons a beagle will have a crusty or dry skin, and some beagles have skin allergies. The result of this dry and crusty skin makes the beagle have itchy skin which can be quite uncomfortable thereby making him either scratch or bite its skin to ease the discomfort. When your beagle shows signs of skin infections, proper diagnosis and examination by an experienced vet are required.

What are the remedies of crusty skin? First of all, frequent brushing loosens flaky skin, and when you brush regularly, it removes pollen, dust and other particles from the skin so proper bathing should be carried out in general. There should also be a way of soothing the skin by providing with dog oil and moisturizers

Costume for beagle dogs

This is not a superfluous treatment in any way, let’s be nice! It’s not only humans who deserve a wardrobe after all. Costumes for beagle dogs are made for various reasons; these costumes are worn by the dogs to either give them aesthetic beauty or maybe for a particular celebration. It has been known that beagle owners dress their dogs just to celebrate Halloween.

Different costumes can be worn on your beagle; a baby’s clothes can also fit perfectly on your dog, for instance, a baby’s t-shirt can fit on your beagle. Some owners of a beagle can dress up their dog for fun and show to the world how adorable their cute beagle can be.

Questions have often come up about the usefulness of dressing up your dog and that they are not humans that should fit into clothes but every dog owner has the right to give the dog whatever special treatment and care they need that is why in the true sense they are called pets.

Dogs can be quite unpredictable, one day they could be okay wearing costumes but might change their minds another day. Apart from the purpose of adding beauty and color to the beagle, costumes are made for dogs either for protecting them against extreme cold or just covering from other weather conditions, for instance, some dogs get chilly and need the extra warmth provided by soft, warm clothing and If one lives in an environment with harsh weather these clothes are important.

Bathing your beagle with focus on ears

The beagle dog skin is a very delicate skin and should be treated with utmost care; two frequent bathing may cause your pet’s skin and coat to dry. Bathing every 2 – 4 months is sufficient, but when necessary, in the event of your beaglesoiling its coat frequently, bathing more often is necessary.

A clean bathtub is used for bathing and washing the coat; also, warm water is appropriate. The procedures for bathing a beagle are quite easy, for a bigger beagle, you can use a bathtub, but for a smaller beagle, you can use a kitchen sink size. You can use a sink sprayer, a shampoo that is mild and after using the shampoo, you should rinse out the shampoo immediately.

The ear of a beagle is a sensitive and delicate part of the dog, so how often do you have to clean the ears? It all depends on how prone the beagle is to wax build-up around the ears and how much moistures are trapped in the ear, so to prevent infection of the ear, a general cleaning every 2 – 3 weeks can keep a beagle’s ear perfectly clean.

Haircut (Grooming)

Special care and treatment to your beagle are very important, that is why special grooming is necessary for a better and healthy dog, regular grooming and care for its coat, skin, nails, ears, eyes, and teeth is important. In order to groom your beagle, there should be some form of patience from the owner because some beagle can resist staying or sitting still for grooming but eventually, it can be an enjoyable experience.

It is important that you begin grooming from an early stage as this will make your beagle get used to it faster. When you brush your beagle’s hairs sometimes, you will notice that it provides a soothing experience for the dog so your dog will gradually ease into the wonderful experience with time.

Here are some important tips to note about grooming your pet – Start a regular grooming routine for your beagle. You may try to begin training, and after repeating this training for a long time period, your beagle will finally get used to it. Here are some vital items you should have in your grooming kit; a quality bristle brush, a grooming mitt, a good bath brush, quality bath products, ear cleaning solution, dental care items (toothbrush).

Looks of a beagle

How does a beagle look? This may not be a very common question for a person living in the US, but yes, it may arise. The general outlook of a beagle is unique and attractive, they have a broad head, and the legs are short, and their tails are positioned straight, high and erect. The ears are wide and have a straight muzzle.

The most common beagles are brown or hazel in color, and they have an adorable look. The color of a beagle can come in two variations – tri color or red and white and sometimes comes with a white-tipped tail. The beagle breeds resemble the, and their height ranges from 13 – 15 inches and weighs 18 – 30 pounds, however, females weigh lighter than the males.

They also have a short, dense coat that lays flat across the body which is lightly weather resistant.

Jan Helge Mathisen
Jan Helge Mathisen

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