What Colors of Beagle dog are there?

July 03, 2020 6 min read

Beagle dogs come in different colors, they can come in any hound color, and sometimes the colors can be quite confusing within each beagle. Its genetic color comes in grouping and shades, just like humans, beagle dogs also come in a variety of shades such as chocolate tri, silver tri, lilac tri, shaded tri, etc. while a red based beagle can come in shades of lemon, red and mahogany.

Facts about beagle dogs

A beagle dog breed generally has a life span of 12 – 15 years, it came into existence in the 11th century when the Talbot hound and Greyhound were bred together, and the result was a cross-breed with both speed and a strong sense of smell. The beagle dog has a highly intelligent and determined breed with an amiable temperament.

In most countries, it is known that beagles are a popular breed of dogs, for instance, in the US, the beagle is the 5th most popular dog breed, and why is this breedso popular? Perhaps it is because of their friendly personality, their intelligence, and playfulness or maybe because they are just great companions. It is amusing to know that the beagle has a long history and was originally used in England for trailing hares and rabbits.

From early times, the size of the beagle was only 8 or 9 inches high as they were really small and can be carried around quite easily. It has a small – medium size physical buildwith an average weight of 10 – 11kg for males and 9 – 10kg for females. It is known that a beagle can sometimes prove to be stubborn so when deciding to raise a beagle, a lot of patience and persistence is required.

Beagles are friendly dogs and an enjoyable pet to be around because it is gentle and not temperamental which makes the dog a perfect partner for humans. If you also want a dog that can follow a trail with unbroken determination, your best bet is a beagle dog.

A well-known fact about a beagle is that they are loud and its loud baying and barking can be minimal as long as your beagle is well catered for. It is a highly social dog that can fit perfectly into a human-dog relationship and also with its fellow dogs.

Beagle dog puppy

Just like many puppy dogs we see and adore, beagles are truly cute in their puppy stage. They look so beautiful and coming across a newborn beagle makes you want to own one. It is a top priority during the first few weeks of the puppy stage to get really close to the pup, and it’s a stage for training the puppy both to be a hunting dog and also a pet dog.

This is also the right stage for training the puppy on social skills, that is, the rudiments of obedience and taking corrections. There are many things to observe while studying the beagle puppy; it is your duty to give a name to the dog and give training on the importance of not biting at random.

The health of the puppy should be taken into consideration by properly arranging vaccination for quality healthcare. Apart from the general health of the puppy, it is wise to get proper feeding schedules and the right quantity the puppy needs for growth and development.

Taking care of a beagle puppy can be quite interesting and challenging so when taking care of one, there is some important point to note, the beagle puppy has high energy within them, so be extra ready to handle it. Your beagle puppy must be given proper exercise, attention and the mental stimulation it needs. From properly training your puppy both mentally and physically, the dog will surely grow up into thebrave and expert hunting dog that it is.

There are general hygiene rules that must be followed when keeping a beagle puppy, and the environment should be kept clean and free from personal items, harmful objects and food that doesn’t belong to the puppy should be kept away. For proper care of beagle puppy, everything that the puppy needs to survive shouldbe adequately provided such as food and water bowls, a dog bed, dog pads, disinfectants, a collar and tag for the puppy of course a dog needs toys but also note that puppies chew on things so make sure that when you get a toy for your puppy, it should be absolutely certain that those things are safe when putting into the mouth.

It is very important that your puppy knows you, its owner. So have yourself introduced to your little puppy immediately you purchaseand bring it home, visit the puppy regularly so that it will become comfortable around you, understand the nature of your beagle dog and how its mind works, afterward you are ready to go a smooth life’s journey with your beagle.

Price for a beagle dog

Beagle dogs are dogs that are quite moderately expensive to purchase, owning one or more of this great breed of dogs requires a lot of expenses, not just the cost of buying but also the cost of feeding and health care. The prices of the beagle dogs vary from the quality of the breed or selecting one with an exceptional breed line can be quite expensive. If you are looking for a dog with a spectacular or superior lineage, then be ready to pay a higher price for this breed. The normal price for a beagle ranges from $300 – $1,500.

Beagle dogs cost is however not limited to the cost of purchasing it like earlier said, and there are other expenses that come with the ownership of a beagle. The prices can be favorable to your pocket or may, on the other hand, put a strain on your finances since it could get well over a thousand dollars as the case may be.

Beagles ownership should be really a venture to be prepared for, for instance, let’s look at the cost of feeding a beagle. Although it may be a small sized hound, the beagle dog feeds a lot. They come in a variety of weight and sizes and are fed accordingly, for example, a beagle with a 20 pound weight is advised to feed on 1 and a half cups of dog food while for a bigger beagle weighing 30 – 35 pounds, the feed should be increased to 2 cups of dog food.

In weighing the cost, the veterinary services should be considered because it is an inevitable aspect of owning a beagle since they are prone to certain health issues such as ear infections, glaucoma, epilepsyand so on. If there is a really serious health issue, the cost of treatment can be as high as $1500 – $6000 depending on the ailment.

Eye colors of beagle dogs

Looking at the characteristics of a beagle dog, that is, its size and features, the most pleasing of all is the eyes which make you fall in love with one. The beagle dog breed has a completely enthralling stare, the eyes of a beagle may have a jet-black rimwith a little twinkle in it, which makes it all the more beautiful.

It is known that beagles often have different eye colors as some of them go through a transformation in the sense that they are born with a certain eye color which can changeas they grow older, for instance, a puppy beagle born with greenish/hazel eyes but as it grows older its eye color changes to brown. The beagle eye colors usually come in brown, olive green, amber. The most popular beagle breed can be found with brown eyes or amber eyes although there are some breeds of blue-eyed beagle like the Siberian huskies.

Beagle mix breed colors

You know that cross-breeding of dog species is a common trend these days, so when you come across a beagle mix, you should not be surprised. There are different types of mix-breed for beagles some of which are the Jack Russell beagle mix also known as Jack-A-Bee, we also have the Cheagle mix and the Frengle.

The Jack-A-Bee breed is a special breed which has a perfect combination of intelligence and is also a playful dog. Some of its features are floppy ears and has a unique color pattern which comes mostly in brown.

The Cheagle mix is a mixture between the beagle and the Chihuahua, and just like you guess it is very adorable and quite small like the Chihuahua. Note that this dog is an attention seeker and demands a lot of petting as expected of a Chihuahua. It will certainly be a perfect dog for a single person or a couple who are ready to give their all to it. Its major color is a dark brown mix.

The Frengle is a mixture between the French bulldog and the beagle dog. It obviously has a cute face with floppy ears and wide round eyes. itscolours are brown with dark patches.

Jan Helge Mathisen
Jan Helge Mathisen

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