Why do beagles escape?

July 03, 2020 6 min read


As adorable as beagles can be, you may notice that they exhibit some traits that you may find annoying, one of such is the fact that they can just run away from your yard without notice. This is because they are very smart and savvy, beagles have been known to be masters of mischief and can wander off at the slightest opportunity, sometimes it could just be for excitement or curiosity, but they can end up in trouble, either getting lost or trying to find their way back home.

Still, the amazing qualities that beagles have to outweigh any disadvantages you might come across when owning a beagle, so when you’ve armed yourself with more knowledge about your beagle, and it’s a habit of escaping, you’d find your life with your beagle much easy and blissful.

Sometimes, beagles would run off in search for other dogs because from history, beagles have been known to move in packs so they are referred to as pack hunt dogs and they are highly sociable, so it is not out of the line for your beagle to feel lonely and desire the company of other dogs. Understanding a beagle can be the key to curbing the continuous act of running off at any chance they get. An environment that supports its natural instincts and impulses should be provided.

Why do beagles escape?

Many dogs have been known to wander off or try to escape from their yards, some, breeds like the beagles are prone to this because they are hunting dogs and most hunting dogs follow their sense of smell and instincts, it has been observed that when a beagle is either in a small surrounding where he may not be able to practice its hunting skills by running or sniffing, then the dog would want to find all means to practice its hunting skills. The beagle’s sense of smell is much heightened and can pick up a particular scent which may be miles away. This smell can lure the dog to wander off as far as possible to track down that the scent source.

How do beagles escape?

Beagles have a penchant for exploring, and we know that they belong to the family of hounds and possess smart and excellent hunting instincts, so they can naturally derive ways of escaping from an enclosed yard. A beagle can jump or climb a fence to go searching for a trail, and also even when he finds just a little opening in the yard, he can crawl its way out by digging the ground. It can be seen that for many beagles the act of wandering off is generally like a task when he is enclosed, he finds every opportunity to get loose, that is why the owner should provide a little bit of freedom and entertainment.

Most times, when you think your beagle is around the yard, unsupervised, he can sneak out by crawling under a fence or even jumping over, or still, sneak out of your home through the door this is what gives the beagle dog the reputation of being quite a smart and mischievous hound.

Having to lose your beagle can be a harrowing experience and when your beagle runs off, you can’t be sure where he has gone, whether he is safe and most importantly, how you will find him. The most important precaution to take is to realize that your beagle can possibly just take off, so having that at the back of your mind, you can then be alert and take some decisions on how to prevent the beagle from wandering off. Sometimes when a beagle wanders off, it may not be when he is inside the confines of your home, he could just wander off when on a dog walk. So it is advised that a dog leash is used while walking your beagle, even if you do not want your dog to be restricted while moving, a retractable leash that extends far can be used to give your beagle extra room to move and play.

Why is the beagle controlled by its sense of smell?

This is quite a mystery that has baffled many new beagle owners, and it may even come as a surprise especially if you just purchased a beagle and you are about starting a training procedure for him, and it just seems like something isn’t right.

Understanding a beagle’s nose and how it causes them to run off is an additional knowledge that a beagle owner would find useful and interesting, a lack of understanding of it is what causes beagle trainers and owners to tag it as stubborn or single-minded, just the same way if a new mother didn’t understand that crying was an infant’s major way of communicating, she’d easily see the infant as fussy and hyperemotional.

The nose of a beagle is a very sensitive part of its body, in general, it is known that dogs have a stronger sense of smell than even humans, and the level of sensitivity to smell varies from dog to dog. In the case of the beagle, its sense of smell is about ten thousand times stronger than that of human’s. The beagle’s nose is large, wet and can dissolve scent particles in order to identify them, and this makes him have the urge to run after a scent trail picked up from his surrounding.

A male beagle can pick up the scent of a female beagle up to a mile away, and this is one reason why a male beagle would run off when he is not neutered. Dogs can pick up scents from other dogs, and they can determine the gender, health status and even the mood of other dogs.

Sometimes, when a beagle owner loses its new pet to wandering, there’s often a burning feeling of curiosity as to whether the beagle had a happy new home or not, one might even wonder if the beagle preferred its former home before purchase or probably wasn’t getting the desired treatment it needs, it is, however, note-worthy that whenever a beagle feels the urge to wander off, he may not be running away from home or its owner, but it all depends on his environment and how much effort the owner has put into nurturing this pet, all but a feeling of dissatisfaction or inadequate care is often the cause. Blame it on its nose!

How to prevent your beagle from escaping

When a dog wanders off, it is stressful to begin to search for a lost dog, and of course, not everyone appreciates a lost dog showing up in their yard so here are some steps to prevent your adorable beagle from wandering off.

1. The use of a leash is a good preventive measure for beagle escaping. But do not chain your beagle up as this can cause stress and sometimes the dog can twist himself around the chain and get tied up.

2. The use of fences around your home is a good idea, not just erecting a fence but by making the fence a little higher than normal also, electric-wired fences is an option, you can be quite sure that electric-wired fence is appropriate for dogs, but it is quite extreme and inhumane because of the electric shock.

3. A dog house or kennel can be appropriate to prevent an escaping dog, and it should be well ventilated and not fool-proof.

4. One of the best ways to observe and prevent an escaping dog is by keeping a good eye on your dog. Your beagle should have things to occupy them in the yard and don’t leave them unattended to for long. Monitor your beagle, a play with your beagle by running to and fro, throwing balls and Frisbees and other games that dogs generally enjoy playing can help.

5. There can never be enough training for your dog, even if we know that they would eventually follow their instincts and sniff to wherever it leads them, always remember that a dog would listen to its owner when he knows that you disapprove of his escaping.

6. Many times a dog wanders off when he is really bored, so it is not a bad choice to have as many dogs as you can because your beagle is a friendly hound with other pets, when your beagle sees other pet dogs that can provide for a really good playtime, then he would be too occupied to try to wander off.

Do beagles come back after running off?

Most times, a beagle who has wandered off can come back after several hours but this depends on your beagle because some can just get lost following a scent trail and you should know that beagles are little dogs that can wander far off and would not be able to find their way back so generally, it depends on how well-trained and smart your beagle is, this alone determines if he would be able to find its way back home. So it is advisable to always have preventive measures in place to stop your beagle from taking off and never finding its way back.

Jan Helge Mathisen
Jan Helge Mathisen

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