Japanese Dogs: Akita, Shiba, and Other Breeds

The first in-depth treatment of all the breeds of Japanese dog.

Finally, the first book to treat not just the Akita or the shiba but all breeds of Japanese dogs.

Japanese Dogsintroduces the ten main breeds?the Akita, Shiba, Kishu, Shikoku, Kai, Hokkaido, Japanese Spitz, Japanese Terrier, Chin, and Tosa Fighting Dog. It shows each of these ten dogs in stunning color photographs and describes in detail each dog's distinctive physical characteristics, temperament, and behavior.

The book traces the history of the largest organization in Japan for preserving and protecting the breeds?known as Nippo?as well as the Nippo Standard for theJapanese Dogand the way that judging is conducted at Nippo shows. It traces the history of the dog in Japan, including the two times in the twentieth century when?due first to war and then a distemper epidemic?all the breeds were in imminent danger of extinction, and how they were brought back to their current numbers and level of popularity.

Japanese Dogsoutlines the dogs' traditional use?still sometimes seen in the countryside?as partners in hunting wild animals such as boar and bear. It describes the close bond that was essential between hunter and hunting dog, and the way that this capacity for bonding has been bred into the dogs for generations, so that today too, as pets, they tend to be boundlessly loyal.

The book includes stories about well-known dogs like Hachiko, the Akita who waited outside a Tokyo train station every evening for his master's return for nearly ten years after the master had passed away, until the dog's own death; Hachiko is commemorated in a statue that stands outside that same station. Or Tama, the Shiba that saved her owner?a hunter in snowy, mountainous country?from being buried in snow not just once, but three times.

The book also describes an unusual breed, the Jomon Shiba?a contemporary dog that has been bred, on the basis of fossil remains, to resemble as closely as possible a long-extinct breed from Paleolithic times. Much more wolflike and regal-looking than the wildly popular Shiba, this dog has also gained many devoted fanciers, although it is completely unknown to most Japanese people.

In addition to thirty-two pages of color photos,Japanese Dogsis illustrated throughout with numerous black-and-white photos of other, lesser known breeds, scenes from dog shows, archaeological finds, and ukiyoe and other paintingsJapanese Dogsis sure to be of interest to enthusiasts of any of the Japanese breeds, and to admirers of dogs everywhere.

- Heavily Illustrated Throughout
- 32 Pages of Color Photos
- A Wealth of Information on Japan's 10 Fascinating Dog Breeds

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