Dogs 101 Amazing Dog Fun Facts and Trivia for Kids: Learn to Love and Train the Perfect Dog (WITH 40+ PHOTOS!)

The Perfect Gift: Make A Loved One Happy With This Wonderful Dog Facts Book!

Aren’t dogs just the most amazing animals ever?

Those big eyes, the foolish things they do: when you spend a minute with a dog, stress simply melts away like snow in the sun!

But how much do you (and your kids!) really know about man’s best friend?

Get Your Copy Of ‘101 Amazing Dog Fun Facts And Trivia For Kids’

This fun dog facts book for kids is the ideal way to learn more about canine behavior. It is jam-packed with more than 100 interesting facts and trivia about your pooch that will:

warm your heart
make you smile, and
teach you a little something about what it takes to raise and train a dog with love and care.

Illustrated with 40+ beautiful images, this is the perfect gift book.

In no time, you and your family will learn soooo much about man’s best friend. If you want to start right with your dog, look no further!

Why You Should Check Out ‘101 Amazing Dog Fun Facts And Trivia For Kids’:

This book is full of invaluable tips from a dog training expert.
Here is a Sneak Preview of What You Will Learn:

A dog can hear four times as far as humans can.
There are around 400 million dogs in the world. With 78 million, the U.S. has the highest pet dog population in the world.
A dog that wags its tail with a big helicopter-like rotation is very friendly.

And Do You Know The Answer To These Questions?

What is the net value of the richest dog in the world?
Which Beatles song contains a high-pitched whistle only dogs can hear?
Which dogs do not have pink tongues?
Where did the name Greyhound Bus come from?

Buy ‘101 Amazing Dog Fun Facts And Trivia For Kids’, and you will learn the answer...

The bottom line?

If you read ‘101 Amazing Dog Fun Facts And Trivia For Kids’, your family’s life will never be the same.

And this dog facts giftbook also contains a BONUS chapter: ‘How To Choose the Right Dog’ from the best-selling book ‘Dog Training 101: The Essential Guide to Raising A Happy Dog With Love.’

So, buckle up: get to know the wonderful world of canines and you may find yourself a new best friend for life!

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